Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There is a web site from China that seems to be an Ebay from China called Aliexpress.
Ok nothing seems wrong with this site so its not a complaint about them but some of the sellers on that site,
I was looking at radios they have on the site and one caught my eye.
They clam to have an ICOM V85 for just $47 free shipping. to good to be true and your right this is a Counterfeit. the Real ICOM is far diffrent to what is shown on from the Seller.

If you look at the PDF file from ICOM you can see the real radio and the one from China is.
Have to be careful guys the stuff from China seems to be flooding the market

ICOM Pdf fille

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kids day 2012

Twice a year the ARRL promote Kids day where they encourage your kids or grand kids to Try Ham Radio for themselves and hopefully they will take up the hobby i the future. January 8 and June 16.
The Suggested Frequencies are
80 meters 3.740 Mhz to 3.940 Mhz
40 meters 7.270 Mhz to 7.290 Mhz
20 meters 14.270 Mhz to 14.300 Mhz
17 meters 18.140 Mhz to 18.145 Mhz
15 meters 21.360 Mhz to 21.400 Mhz
12 meters 24.960 Mhz to 24.980 Mhz
10 meters 28.350 Mhz to 28.400 Mhz

When calling call CQ Kids day.
Kids need to give
Name Age Location Favorite and Color.
This should be a great day for kids. I have a four year old and i know she wants to use the radio as she spends a lot of time with daddy when his on the air. She love phone but hates CW( have to work on the :) ).
I think this is a great idea as i remember when i was a kid and saw my first ham. This was way back in 1976 and was just amazed when i was on a tour with the sea cadet corps i was with at the time . We was on a tour   on a naval ship HMS Belfast on the river Thames. It was not until we got onto the bridge wireless room That i never forget seeing all these old radios and then saw this man talking on a radio (Never heard of ham radio back in those days (i was 12 at the time)) he was talking to someone. The other station was in the Indian Ocean. I got so interested that i joined the radio communications  with the Sea cadets and leaned Morse but with never had a key except we then sent Morse light with one of the ships old Morse signal lamp. Later when i was a member of the RNARS (Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society) that i went to the bridge wireless office got talking to one of the hams and found out that he was the guy talking on the radio that got me very much interested in radio and that it was his QSO that it got me my ticket many years later. He was amazed about this.
I hope that kids will also be amazed when they see a radio in use. Yes today we have skype and other ways to talk via the internet and cell phones but to have nothing but a radio and an antenna there is nothing more magic then hearing a voice from another country over the air.
Good luck on these days and hope your kids or Grand kids get the bug and become future Hams

More details about Kids day please visit or click on this link.